1. Membership Committee – is responsible for the over-all recruitment program of the Party subject to guidelines set by the National Executive Committee.  It shall evaluate membership performance and recommend to the National Executive Committee recruitment policies as well as programs for growth and development for the general membership.
  2. Finance Committee – formulates and establishes the overall financial program of the Party under the direction of the National Executive Committee.  The local Party units may engage in fund-raising activities in accordance with guidelines to be issued by the National Executive Committee; is responsible for raising Party funds to support official candidates of the Party as well as Party projects and activities; collects dues and other assessments; and prepares and submits periodic financial reports to the National Executive Committee.
  3. Education Committee – institutes Education and Training Programs for all Party members, with emphasis on character building, values formation based on the Party’s Declaration of Principles, consistent ethic of life, good citizenship and basic political education; is responsible for studying the feasibility of setting up of an Education Institute and raise funds for this purpose.
  4. Public Information Committee – is the Party’s liaison with the national and foreign mass media; its chairman is the Party Spokesperson; is responsible for the mass propaganda line of the Party; and causes the publication and circulation of the Party organ.
  5. Legal Affairs Committee – provides legal advice and services to the Party and its members. The National Executive Committee may authorize the creation of local legal units.
  6. Life and Legal Advocacy Committee –is responsible in activating advocacies and their pursuit thereof on the dignity of human life in legislation, public policy, and civic institutions; works with existing network and build up alliances for common advocacies (and in the process forge political ties).
  7. Research and Documentation Committee – conducts studies and surveys; prepares Party materials, documents, Party activities under the direction of the National Executive Committee.
  8. Information Technology Committee – ensures the optimization of all communications facets that existing technologies offer to advance the reach of the Party vis-à-vis its accessibility to the public; oversees the maintenance, contents, and improvement of the website of the Party; and assists the party secretariat in the development of data management requirements, for example, database of members and others.
  9. Electoral Committee – is in charge of organizing the Party’s electoral machinery, formulating campaign strategies and tactics, and identifying potential leaders. The Committee shall take charge of establishing the Party Campaign Institute, which is tasked to formulate training programs for prospective Party candidates in preparation for future electoral exercises.
  10. Social Action Committee – establishes community service programs; is responsible for strategic intervention through special activities such as liaising with the national government, conducting medical-dental and other community services, assisting in job placements, livelihood projects, promoting skills development, providing scholarship programs, initiating and promoting socio-economic programs to assist Party members and their communities toward self-reliance and self-sufficiency.
  11. Committee on Youth and Sectoral Organizations – harnesses the talents and energies of the youth and other sectoral organizations towards Party growth and nation building.
  12. Grievance and Arbitration Committee – resolves conflicts among Party members with a view to promoting harmony in the Party.  Decisions of the Committee shall be appealed to the National Executive Committee whose decision shall be final.

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