Dedicated to work for the common good of every Filipino, regardless of religion and social and economic status in life, Kapatiran Party aims to make politics an effective means for the integral development or total well-being of all rather than a tool for the advancement of a privileged few; to help make every Filipino a vehicle for social and political transformation; and to help translate into reality a government of the people, by the people and for the people.

Today, POLITICS is synonymous with celebrity politics, pork barrel, patronage, payoff, deception, hypocrisy, dishonesty, immoral compromises and to ELECTIONS mostly won through the use of guns, goons and gold!

Change starts with the individual, then it goes local.
But when enough of us feel a sense of purpose and support in our lives
that we can start caring about broader issues, too, nation-building begins. – KAPATIRAN PARTY

A great nation rises from the passion of citizens and government with great character
that comes from following universal and timeless principles. – KAPATIRAN PARTY

Passport to a New Philippines

Is there a way out of the darkness? Where and how do we begin?

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