Politics, the pursuit of common good, political parties and
people’s participation play crucial roles in building the kind
of nation we want to have and deserve. – Kapatiran Party

Kapatiran Party or Alliance for the Common Good is a NATIONAL POLITICAL PARTY registered with and accredited by the Commission on Elections on 8 May 2004. As a national political party, we are entitled to field local and national candidates, from municipal/city councilor all the way to the highest elected position of the land, the presidency.

We stand on a platform with clear and specific policy objectives all aimed at enhancing the common good, promoting the politics of virtue and the politics of duty.

We seek to help, with the crucial help of citizens, in building a New Philippines – all for the COMMON GOOD.

Passport to a New Philippines

Is there a way out of the darkness? Where and how do we begin?

Be Part of our Community

Let’s work together for a common goal and help one another achieve it.